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Tracing Steps deliver in numerous primary, secondary and specialist schools across Greater Manchester. We offer schools a number of packages which include weekly dance, drama classes, after school clubs, PPA cover and specific workshops and projects listed below. We also can tailor our workshops to fit in with your schools current topics. Our packages usually result in a performance and are also available for Youth Centres, Community and Youth Groups.


Healthy ACTions Projects


Healthy Eating


We have developed a 'Health is Wealth' creative dance and drama programme to be delivered in primary schools. Through a structured framework of dance and drama children will explore the importance and benefits of a healthy lifestyle and begin to learn where their food comes from. We also aim to encourage lifelong participation in fitness by making exercise FUN!


Mental Health

Now more than ever we need to be aware of children's mental health. COVID 19 has affected children in many different ways. Our project explores how to look out for signs in their peers and how to be kinder and more understanding to each other.

Alcohol Awareness & Body Image


This is a contemporary dance and drama programme exploring the effects of alcohol consumption in young people. The sessions provide a safe and creative environment in which pupils can explore the different effects of alcohol which are often overlooked by many young people including weight gain, memory loss, heightened state of vulnerability, liver damage and an increase in risk taking behaviour. The programme uses storytelling, movement and poetry and drama to encourage pupils to consider the consequences of binge drinking and the associated risks so that they will be able to make informed decisions in the future. The programme can be delivered to mixed sex groups or single sex groups.

Internet Safety

We run a project based around traditional fairy tales which highlights to children the dangers of talking to strangers on the internet and how sharing personal information and images can have serious consequences. Suitable for Key stage 1&2. We can also explore with Key stage 3&4 


Anti Bullying


We have developed a program that highlights the effects of bullying in schools. we use a variety of mediums to explore how bullying effects the victims and why people bully others. This programme encourages children to become mentors for their school and create their own anti bullying campaign.


Teenage Pregnancy


This programme is suitable for key stage 3 & 4. Manchester holds one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe. Our programme aims to change young girls outlook by becoming a young mum through dance and drama and a range of different mediums including: film, sound bytes, real life accounts and photographs. Our programme aims to follow the governments strategy: Teenage Pregnancy Matters.


Popular School Topics

The Blitz 

Aimed at Key stage 2. The children wil explore the 'Blitz' period looking at the evacuation process, blackouts, shelters and sirens through a structured framework of dance and drama. The program will help them understand what life was like for children and families living through the war and will also provide the opportunity for the pupils to develop skills in speaking and listening, as well as team work, problem solving and creative thinking.

We use a range of different mediums to engage the children including: sound bytes, news reports, real life accounts, and photographs. We also encourage home study by asking children to interview older people in their family or local community.



This program is suitable for Key stages 2 & 3. The programme explores the impact the suffragette movement has had on society, takes a look a day in the life of a woman in the 1900's and uncovers the stories of a woman in the 1900's and uncovers the stories of Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst, in a creative and exciting environment. The children will get a chance to create their own protests for something they feel strongly about in their school or community and present these to teachers and/or community leaders. The program provides lots of opportunities for children to develop skills in speaking and listening, developing an argument, and communicating within a team.




1 hour Specialist Workshops

​The following workshops can be extended for groups if requested, and can be taught to any age group.


  • Street Dance

  • Break Dance

  • Irish dance

  • African dance

  • Chinese Dance,

  • Salsa

  • Medieval Dance

  • Ballroom

  • Latin American

  • Line Dance

  • Folk Dance

  • Zumba

  • Aerobics

  • Body Barre (Ballet inspired fitness class)

  • FitSteps  (Latin & Ballroom inspiried fitness class)


Play in a Day


We also can teach a play in a day. A play is chosen by the school, adapted by us and performed to an audience at the end of the day. The day is specifically designed to boost confidence, develop performance skills and team work.


Please email us for more information on our selection of plays. 





Breakfast, Lunch & After School Clubs we offer:



Drama, Street Dance, Irish Dance,

Street Cheer, Cheerleading, Baby Ballet and Zumba



Opportunity to perform in local showcases.



We also offer Arts Award, I.D.T.A Dance Exams with International Dance Teachers's Association and 

L.A.M.D.A Exams (London Academy of Dramatic Art)



Email: for more information

                                            Some of our previous and existing clients


Newlands Primary School, Middleton

Bury Preparatory Catholic School - Bury,

Bowlee Park Primary - Langley,

St Marys RC Primary - Langley,

St Marys CE Primary - Rochdale,

Castleton Primary, Rochdale

Sandbrook Park Primary - Castleton,

Lowerplace Primary - Rochdale,

Meanwood Primary - Rochdale,

St Peters RC Primary - Middleton,

Blessed Thomas Holborn High - Altrincham,

St Patricks RC High - Eccles,

St Clares RC Primary - Blackley,

Cardinal Langley High - Middleton,

Falinge Park High - Rochdale,

Wardle Academy - Rochdale,

Holy Cross High - Heywood,

Smallbridge Primary - Littleborough,

St Lukes RC Primary - Salford,

Oakwood Specialist High - Eccles.

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