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I feel it helped Evie enormously, being a pre teen she needed the social interaction and something to look forward to each week , the exercise was valuable too at the a time when everything else was closed.(Parent)

Dance and drama brought a little bit of "normality" into a very chaotic situation for our children over lockdown. The familiarity of their lovely teachers and the other children was invaluable to their well being whilst all other social activities were put on hold.  I was very impressed by how quickly the zoom lessons were set up by Tracing Steps and no payment was ever asked for, as they realised families were experiencing their own financial difficulties. They go above and beyond for our children week after week, their thoughtfulness and patience with children of all abilities is very humbling and I can never thank them enough.(Parent) 


In my daughters own words attending the zooms "made her feel happy every week".(Parent)



Both my girls attend these sessions and love them, my older child suffers with mental health and also lacks in confidence, these sessions have given her the opportunity to have something to look forward to and still build up on her confidence this shows in her school life and also home life and makes a massive positive impact on her, I cant thanks tracing steps enough for this opportunity. (Parent)

I was so pleased that my eldest daughter was able to attend the zoom classes with Tracing Steps which she loved. It was great to hear the laughter from her room, she enjoyed connecting with her teachers and friends, adding some familarity and normality at a very strange and isolating time. I have always felt Tracing Steps have excellent values, our children are at the heart of what they do they have always considered them, their wellbeing and how they can develop them, build their confidence and resilience. They always go above and beyond. Sadly my younger daughter didn't like Zoom but she's really pleased to be back in class now along with her sister and the covid measures in place are excellent. (Parent)

The weekly sessions have been a lifeline through lockdown . Familiarity and routine are so important to my little one , she looked forward to the sessions all week . The sessions were fun and inspiring and it was lovely to hear her chatting away and joining in . Many thanks to the team for all their hard work.(Parent)

Jessica can’t wait to go on a Saturday. She is excited all week and loves the interaction with other children. She loves learning new routines and playing the games. She is much ‘brighter’ on a Saturday now and it’s sets the tone for the day. She is much more positive and full of energy when I come to collect her. (Parent)

Penelope loved the zoom classes during lockdown. She looked forward to interacting with the other children and spent all week planning her “news” . Now the face to face classes are back she loves it even more. Her confidence has improved dramatically and I often catch her practicing her routines while she’s playing.(Parent)


Tracing steps has provided my two little girls with consistency throughout this pandemic. The zoom sessions have been a blessing allowing my children to have some normality and positive experiences. Thank you tracing steps for the support and hard work you have shown. You really make a difference!(Parent)


Well for us guys lilly needs social interaction  otherwise she puts her little barriers up and reverts back months of confidence building,it helped keep her socially active continued confidence within a group of people, and also she had something fun to look forward to each week  keeping  a form of routine was key. (Parent)


Georgina loved the sessions during lockdown, they gave her something to look forward to each week that was away from the family. The sessions were hugely important for our family, they gave her fun, exercise and excitement! (Parent)

Tayla and Keiya loved the lockdown sessions it allowed them to interact with friends they’d not seen and also broke up the week, it was something to look forward to. The weekly news also gave us some fun ideas to do outside of class based on what others were getting up to. (Parent)

Both of my girls attended the Tracing Steps zoom sessions throughout lockdown, they both looked forward to the class and it was definitely the highlight of the week. I've no doubt the zoom class supported their mental health and wellbeing, not only because they continued with the exercise (which was great), but because they also maintained contact with Jo and Martina and importantly felt like they were part of something, during what could often feel like a lonely time. It also helped my wellbeing; giving me time to get jobs done whilst the girls were positively engaged in their dancing/ drama.

Lastly, continuing the classes has helped reduce the anxiety I know both girls would have felt about starting back in a class, during such strange times.  They've both bounced happily back into class and are loving being back. (Parent)

Heidi loved the Zoom sessions during lockdown! It gave her something to look forward to. It was reassuring knowing there was a little bit of normal in such strange times. The classes were excellently planned to suit the new circumstances and was nice to see familiar faces. Quote from Heidi, "it made me smile and I just love dancing and drama". Thank you Tracing Steps. (Parent)


As long as she's able I wouldn't like her to not be with you on a Friday!! Ur one of the best bits of her weekend!! (plus I get to know what day it is too) you do a fab class for our children where we know they are in happy, safe & growing in their confidence,  Sadie loved her new dance last night too! (Parent)

Tracing Steps have been wonderful for my son, who was struggling at school. They have given him confidence and the reassurance he can be good at something. - Katie Haigh. (Parent)


Drama & Dance has helped my son greatly, encouraging exercise, friendships and confidence my son suffers with his mental health so joining into these activities have been fabulous the ladies running the group are amazing very patient and friendly. (Parent)

My children started Tracing Steps when it first opened and love going. They have learnt new skills and developed in self confidence through the dance and drama classes. Staff work well with the children and the children feel comfortable in the classes. Performing on stage has given my children a huge sense of achievement and pride - Louise Oxley-Parnell. ​(Parent)



I look forward to the classes every week, a good laugh does me the world of good. Eric, aged 72 'Use it or lose it' class (Participant)


Thank you for your professional delivery and professionalism - Marie - Zumba classes (Contractor)

I love the Activ8 Dance Classes at the Angel - Robert aged 53 (Participant)


Hi, Just a quick email to say that we have a great day with the dance teacher at Meanwood yesterday. All the children got involved and had fun! The teacher was lovely with the children and a lot of our teachers commented positively on the session - Melissa Storey 


This is brilliant! I love dancing! Benjamin aged 3  'preschool dance' (Participant)

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